All the attendees must be registered. This includes graduates (alumni), students, associates  and staff.


  • Reduced* (all MER Consortium members and invitees: graduates (alumni), students, associates, guest staff and partners’ staff): 50 €
  • Fully waived (Students: MER+ EMJMD 20-22 & MER2030 21-23 & 22-24 intakes): 0 €
  • Regular (sponsors, institutional, other attendees): 300 €

* Payment might be postponed to be paid in situ or fully waived in a few special cases (contact to proceed)

Priority (especially for travel grants and scholarships) will be given to early registrations. The deadline for grants applications is May 30th.

Later registrations might be considered but the sites and the resources are limited and we can only secure accessibility to the venue and services for applications received before May 30th.

Thank you for your interest. | Please fill out this survey to get registered. | Queries: (Secretariat)